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Mace East Village Jump Factory - London, U.K.
In 2016 DLT were awarded the contract by Mace Limited of United Kingdom to supply 2 No Pinned Climbing Jack Systems and Engineering support for the construction of twin residential towers at East Village, Stratford, London. The project aims to construct two high rise residential towers using pre-cast concrete construction. The 'rising factory' concept is used to create a waterproof factory environment for construction and fit out of each floor. The scheme uses a temporary steel rising factory building erected over the top of each residential tower during construction having 2x 15 MT over head gantry cranes. After each floor has been constructed the temporary steel ‘rising factory’ is lifted about 3.3m by the 4 x DL-CP250 pinned climbing jacks which remains static but lifts the climbing bar connected to the rising factory, allowing the next floor to be built.
Mace Factory
Mace Factory
We have completed the first ‘Jump’ operation in Feb 2017 of the first rising factory. During this Jump operation the Factory was raised 6.6m – twice the intended standard jump distance of 3.3m. This will allow completion of assembly & cladding of the factory structure and construction of the next two floors of the 30 storey tower. The factory, which in this partial completed state weighed 565te, was lifted using 4No. 250te DL-CP250 pinned climbing jacks controlled by DL-P40 computer control system
Tower before Jump... Tower 2 before Jump
Tower after Jump... Tower 2 before Jump
DL-P40 computer control system during 860 MT Tower Jump... DL-P40 control screen
During construction of towers, the weight of the Rising Factory is supported via 4No. hydraulically operated Main Pins that connects it to the high rise building via 4No. Jump Brackets, one fitted to each corner column of the building. All vertical and horizontal loads from the Rising Factory are transferred to the building via these Main Pins. During factory operation the Pinned Climbing Jacks and Climbing Bars are not subjected to any imposed loads. During the jacking of the Factory (jump) the Main Pins are hydraulically withdrawn and the Pinned Climbing Jacks lift the Climbing Bars which are fitted to the Rising Factory. The Pinned Climbing Jacks are each mounted on top of a Jump Bracket via a pair of link plates
DL-CP250 Pinned Climbing Jack... Tower 2 before Jump
Hydraulically Operated Main Pin... Tower 2 before Jump
Arial view of first rising factory...Rising Factory before first lift